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Elven Pride siamese and oriental cats

About us

Elven Pride cattery is situated on the Far Eastern region of Russia, just on the one which called "oriental", close to Oriental countries, and in Vladivostok city. "Vladivostok" means "Own the East". We popularize oriental shorthairs in our Primorkiy Kray region, and here are more and more people get known about extraordinary beauty and amazing personality of siamese and oriental cats.

Cattery name is registered at World Cat Federation with number 060171.25, also we are in the TICA Catteries Register as ELVENPRIDE #19038.

We were very lucky begining well with our first breeders. Million thanks to Katerina Cherkashina (Siamor), Lori Tollison (Felichaun) and Marwa Marrow (7th Heaven)!!!

We have human chidren (teens and elder), and our main pleasure of breeding is pottering about kittens. They are our "babies", which grow under our feet litteraly. Kittens and cats sleep in our beds, poke their noses in human business, barge into conversations. And with it, they study good manners and get other skills how to live with new "parrents" happy and trouble-free.

Our goal in breeding is to obtain The Cat of Dream - live artwork - healthy and with loving temperament, and well balanced extreme in type. Here we are:

Elena Smurova и Galadriel Elven Pride

Elena Barskova и Nessima Elven Pride

by R & T